Awesomeness is a business model

Oatmeal v Bacon

“This is a book you shouldn’t read…only once.  Justin has created a masterpiece.  Focused, brilliant, entertaining, and something tells me there is a sequel on the way.  Read this book two to three times a year and your brand will keep improving.  And I don’t even eat bacon!”

Ron Price - President/Founder - Price Associates

"Prepare yourself for truth, transparency, and tested solutions that meet the core of your business needs. With Justin there is no BS ... you're either ready to improve or you're not!"

John Hardesty, VP & Publisher of

"If you are the CEO or CMO of your company and you are stressed about sales, read his book 'Oatmeal v Bacon'. Then read it a second time. Then give a copy of it to your entire Marketing and Sales teams. Then call Justin and tell him I sent you. He'll hook you up. Trust me."

Tac Anderson - VP of Digital Consulting - WE Studio D