This book is about a simple proposition ...

Bacon is interesting. Oatmeal is not.

Have you ever noticed that it’s the interesting, vibrant brands that are creating buzz, grabbing headlines, and kicking the butts of their competition?  Brands like Apple, Harley, and Green Day are Bacon Brands. Being interesting, different and provocative is in their DNA. While the Bacon Brands are having fun, their boring, generic competitors are spending billions pushing Oatmeal: boring, generic products with boring, generic messages.

Other than the best branding metaphor ever, “Oatmeal v Bacon” includes:

  •     A free Bacon Assessment
  •     20 planning questions for becoming Bacon
  •     The Bacon Index including the rating of the Top 10 Bacon Brands
  •     5 must-have marketing tools for selling Bacon.
  •     How to stop acting like Oatmeal.

“Oatmeal v Bacon” will transform the way you market and advertise, develop products, create customer experiences, recruit employees, and interact with your audience. Most of all, “Oatmeal v Bacon” will inspire you to embrace your inner non-conformist.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Thank You Jim Gaffigan! pg 1

Chapter 2: The State of Oatmeal pg 7

Chapter 3: Selling the Oatmeal pg 13

Chapter 4: Be Your Own Marketing pg 19

Chapter 5: Push v Pull pg 23

Chapter 6: The Commodity Curve pg 29

Chapter 7: Are You Bacon? pg 35

Chapter 8: The Bacon Index: Top10 Bacon Brands pg 39

Chapter 9: Cooking the Bacon pg 43

Chapter 10: Shipping the Bacon pg 51

Chapter 11: Bacon That Looks Like Oatmeal pg 59