Justin Foster

Conformity is not a strategy.

This principle has driven me as long as I can remember. It has served me through starting and running two different marketing firms; through being a husband and a father; and through writing "Oatmeal v Bacon".  I hate being bored, so it makes sense that boring, lazy, and disingenuous brands are the antithesis of all that I believe in.

A little about me ...

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Also do consulting projects through Price Associates; primarily on strategic branding and marketing.  My second book will be out Fall of 2012 - it's called how "How to Be Awesome: 7 Secrets to a Relevant Brand". Keynote speaker on branding, marketing, generational shifts, and internal culture as a differentiator. Shrinking former fat guy. Football geek. Texas music aficionado. Pursuer of Happiness. Seeker of Truth. I have been blessed with an amazing wife, awesome sons, and true friends that hold me accountable and bring out the best in me.

I'm always excited to meet interesting, genuine people - so feel free to connect with me on social media:


Twitter: @fosterthinking