"Are you Bacon?" Workshop

Want Justin to bring your organization the Bacon?

Part workshop, part intervention, "Are You Bacon?" will disrupt cubicle-thinking and give your team permission to create a unique, meaningful brand.

Who Should Attend: "Are You Bacon?" is intended for key strategic decision-makers in organizations dealing with deep, fundamental disruption to their brand or business model.  Entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople will also learn valuable lessons for their brands.  Not recommended for the thin-skinned, Yellow Page reps, or self-promoters.  

What You Will Learn:  How to create a meaningful, relevant brand by being truly unique and different.  Why does differentiation matter?

  • Generates authentic word-of-mouth and market momentum.
  • Creates deeper relationships with your current customer base.
  • Attracts your next generation of customers and employees (Gen Y).
  • Helps you own the conversations in the your marketplace.
  • Spending marketing dollars and business development energy more wisely.
  • Beating your competition.

Format & Agenda:

  • 4 hour workshop
  • Introduction of the “Oatmeal v Bacon” model and background
  • Values & culture as differentiators
  • Creating and keeping a following
  • Deep-dive in to each of the 10 traits of a Bacon Brand
  • Analysis and insights on the Top 10 Bacon Brands
  • Market resource audit
  • Establishing brand benchmarks and standards
  • Live lab: use audience member for live Bacon Assessment
  • 50 signed books
  • All hand-outs and materials
  • Videotape authorization the workshop (for internal use only)
  • 1 hour follow-up webinar within 60 days


  • Full day - $4500
  • 1/2 day - $2500
  • 90 minute keynote - $1500

    Travel costs not included.

To connect with Justin about "Are You Bacon?" or other speaking engagements, contact him here.