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5 More Bacon Brands

In continuing to research and discover Bacon Brands, I'm finding that there really isn't a top 10.  Instead, there is a level of eliteness that few brands attain.  But there are more than 10 - or even 20.  So here are 5 more Bacon Brands that scored a 45 or higher on the Bacon Assessment.

How Blackberry Became Oatmeal


Bacon Brands 11 - 20

I'm getting some requests on who almost made the Top 10 Bacon Brands.  The list, with explanations, is below. 

First, a few things to keep in mind about a Bacon Brand ...

The Video that Started it all

Actually it was a speech at a Meridian (Idaho) Business Day in 2010 that started it all.  But it was the response to this video (created by Thomas Golden) that helped me realize I was on to something.

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