The Top 10 Bacon Brands

Using the 10 areas of the Bacon Assessment, Justin analyzed over 150 national brands to determine which ones qualified to be "Bacon Brands".   So who made the Top 10?  

10. Sarah Palin - Sarah is the "bacon" of politics.  She is intensely polarizing with a unique ability to out-draw even the most well-known politicians and talking heads.  

9.  Boise State Football - from blue turf gimmick to emerging football power in an amazingly short amount of time.  Put Idaho on the national map more than potatoes. 

8.  Starbucks - Manages to maintain a dominant global brand while creating an authentic, neighborhood feel.  

7. Southwest Airlines - Proof that you can be a discount brand and still be bacon.  The secret?  Great employees who like to have fun.

6. Under Armour - A classic "mirror" brand; makes you feel like an athlete - even though you probably aren't!

5. Red Bull - Despite massive competition from much larger brands, still owns their category.  Red Bull is to Silicon Valley what cocaine was to Wall Street in the 80s.

4. Green Day - The only band to make the list - and it wasn't even close.  Why?  They've regenerated and expanded their fan base to cover 3 generations.

3. Dutch Brothers Coffee - Simply does everything right: product, brand, culture.  If you don't live in the Northwest, you are missing out.

2. Harley Davidson - The oldest brand on the list; they are the closest thing ever to being a customer-owned company.

1. Apple - Everyone wants to be like Apple, but they can't.  Why?  You can't copy their blend of culture, standards and obsession with innovation.

Others that almost made the list:  Tim Tebow, Carhart, FedEx, Land Rover, Zappos, and